Troubleshooting Help for a GE Profile Refrigerator PSS25NGNA BB

The GE Profile Artica PSS25NGNA BB side-by-side refrigerator is an older model refrigerator, which GE released in the early 2000s. The company no longer produces this model at time of publication but you can still get it serviced by an authorized technician. Troubleshoot and repair minor issues with your refrigerator to avoid out-of-warranty service fees. For safety reasons, always unplug your refrigerator before attempting repairs on it.

Operational Issues

If your GE Profile Artica refrigerator won't turn on, verify that it's plugged into an outlet and change the temperature setting from zero. Check that it's not in the defrost cycle. If it is, allow the refrigerator up to 30 minutes to complete the cycle. Look at the fuses, and replace the fuse if black or if it has broken wires. Reset the household circuit breaker if it's been tripped.

If none of these solutions work, try unplugging for the refrigerator for a few seconds. Your refrigerator motor normally runs for a long time when you first plug it in or when you add a lot of food. The motor also runs when the refrigerator is too warm. Avoid opening the doors too often and increase the temperature setting if it's too extreme.


If the icemaker doesn't work, verify that it's turned on and that nothing is blocking the ejector arm. Give the icemaker up to 24 hours to make ice after you plug it in. Check that the water supply connects to the icemaker and that the water supply valve is in the "On" position. Always keep the freezer door closed, and lower the temperature setting if it's too warm.

Clean the water filter if the ice cubes are small. Throw away old ice if it has an odor or bad taste. Never store food items in the ice bin. Unlock the dispenser if the icemaker is not ejecting ice. Hold down the "Lock Control" button for three seconds.

Freezer/Water Dispenser

Adjust the freezer temperature settings if too warm. Avoid opening the doors too often as this can cause ice crystals to form on food. Your water may have a bad taste or be warm if you have not used the dispenser for a long time. Clean or replace the filter if water dispenser if it is not dispensing water. Unlock the dispenser and hold down the lever for about two minutes if water is in the line. Always install and turn on the water supply.

Additional Issues

Your GE Profile refrigerator normally makes some operational noises. If you hear a rattling, level the fridge. Rise up the lower end with shims until the refrigerator is level. If you hear a beeping noise, close the refrigerator doors. During warm weather, moisture normally forms on the outside of the refrigerator. Keep the doors closed to keep moisture from forming on the inside. Clean the refrigerator if it has an odor. Replace the interior light if burnt out.

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