Surfboard Decorating Ideas

When decorating a room for a surf fanatic or beach lover, a surf theme can be a fun option. As you decorate, take surfboard elements and mix them with other beach elements to evoke the feeling of an oceanside retreat. Choose items that reflect your favorite parts of surfing and the beach.

Wall Hanging

Surfboards can be used as decorative elements.

For a literal interpretation of a surfboard theme, locate and refinish old surfboards to become wall hangings. Look for boards with bright colors, unusual patterns or antique construction; if you have a set color scheme, look for surfboards that contrast or coordinate. The boards can be hung individually so that the bottom edge is about eye level on the wall. If you find more than one, hang them on the same wall. For rooms without enough wall space to hang surfboards, consider leaning them in the corner for a casual decoration.

Beach Colors

When decorating a room in a surfboard theme, choose colors that evoke the feeling of the beach. Look for neutral sand colors, blues for the sky and ocean and the occasional bright accent. For a contemporary, sophisticated color scheme, choose a pale blue walls paired with soft furniture in light, natural colors. You can add pops of color in green, orange-reds and yellows to complement the color scheme without overwhelming the theme. Look for small accent pillows, vases, picture frames or even bright tropical flowers.

Surfboard Accents

If you are decorating a child's room in a surfboard theme, look for accents that are fun and bold. Find wallpaper or a border with a surfboard print. Choose lamps with a mini-surfboard as a base, or find accent pillows in the shape of a surfboard. On the walls, hang framed photos of famous moments in surf history or even magazine covers of surf competitions.

Tiki Lamps

To add a fun touch to a room with a surfboard theme, look for tiki lamps that will give the space a sense of a surfer beach party. Choose one or two and place in a low-profile place in the room: on either side of an entertainment center or bookcase, leaning in the corner or tucked behind a large chair.


To evoke the feeling of a relaxed surf shack, look for bamboo accents. Lay a bamboo mat under a lamp or use as a runner on a coffee table. You also can find bamboo window blinds, privacy curtains or large wall hangings to create a more dramatic statement. For a more subtle touch, look for bamboo accents on map bases, picture frames or drawer pulls.

Rustic Touches

As a finishing touch for a surfboard-themed room, look for rustic furniture that wouldn't be out of place on the beach. Find chairs, a headboard, table or cabinets in a weathered wood finish that brings to mind a feeling of the beach. If you prefer a less obvious touch, frame photos in driftwood, or incorporate it into coasters, lamp bases or candle holders.

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